My last name is pronounced like moo in cow and gin the drink.

As a professional photographer I specialize in travel, scenic, people on location, landscapes, cityscapes, nature and cars. I create dynamic images on location for clients and for stock while bringing my unique vision and experience to every photograph I create. Using my eye for detail, and my solid problem solving abilities, I create compelling images, be it of natural or man-made subjects. I work direct—no reps, no middlemen, no layers or red tape for that matter. That way nothing gets lost in translation.

Please feel free to email with any photo requests or just questions about my photography.

Mission Statement

  • Provide high quality, creative photography services.
  • To be a reliable part of the customer's creative team.
  • Provide customer service that exceeds their expectations and is creative in solving their problems.
  • Treat all people with courtesy, respect, integrity, and dignity.
  • Keep up on the latest technology.
  • Have fun!
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