As a member of Nikon Professional Services (N.P.S.) I use only Nikon cameras and lenses for all my photography needs

  • Nikon D850 camera bodies with Nikon MB-D18 battery grips and Kirk L-brackets. (Qty 2)
  • 16mm F/2.8 Fisheye.
  • 50mm F/1.4G AF-S Normal.
  • 105mm F/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Macro.
  • 16-35mm F/4G AF-S VR Zoom.
  • 24-120mm F/4G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom.
  • 28-300mm F/3.5-5.6G AF-S ED-IF VR II Zoom.
  • 70-200mm F2.8 AF-S VR II Zoom.
  • 200-500mm F/5.6 ED AF-S VR Zoom.
  • Nikon MC-30 remote trigger release.
  • Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight Flash.
  • Nikon WR-T10 Wireless Remote Flash Controller.
  • Nikon SC-29 Dedicated TTL off camera flash cord

Other Equipment

  • Dell Latitude 7290 12.5" Laptop with 500GB hard dive, 16GB memory, Windows 10 Professional, Adobe Photoshop 2022, Abobe  Lightroom Classic, Topaz DeNoise AI & Luminar 4.
  • Three Western Digital Passport 500GB portable USB hard drives for backing up photos.
  • Manfrotto 3444 Carbon Fiber tripod with Kirk Enterprises BH-1 ball head.
  • Benro TRCP-069 Travel Angel Carbon Fiber tripod. (nice for traveling light.)
  • Platypod Ultra Camera support with ball head/quick release.
  • Gitzo G1566 Monopod.
  • Think Tank Airport Navigator to carry my gear on planes etc and the Domke F3X camera bag to carry my gear when out shooting.
  • Several Photoflex reflectors.
  • B+W circular polarizing filters.
  • Lens cleaning cloth, flashlight, gaffers tape, extra batteries.

Miscellaneous Information

I also try to take as much of my camera gear as I possibly can as carry-on. With all the new carry-on restrictions, it's getting very difficult for photographers. If necessary, I will put some of my things in checked luggage such as tripod, reflectors, filters and extra battery packs.

I wear a Domke photo vest when traveling; it's a great way to store things such as small flash, cleaning cloth and of course airline tickets and passport.

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